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Heading into fall

This quote apply to the fall perfectly IMG_8100.JPG


“I dont want to be different… I just want to fit in”


Met een cocon wordt een omhulsel bedoeld, waarin de pop van een rups wordt ingesponnen en zo wordt beschermd. Zonder cocon is de pop erg kwetsbaar.

Zo voelde ik het, wanneer je thuis een veilige omgeving hebt gecreëerd en je denkt dat je enigszins kunt functioneren… en dan twee dagen met familie doorbrengt.
Hoe lief en zorgzaam ook. Alles waar mogelijk, wordt rekening met je gehouden.
Een confrontatie met hoe het echt met mij gaat… zo’n herkenning van mijn gevoel in dit nummer;

DIDO Sitting on the roof of the world
I climbed a mountain
Not knowing that I had
Thought it was just a road from a to b
I took no protection
Not much of anything
Just went as I was

Looking in windows
And playing songs
And knocking on doors
And I was not scared
I just enjoyed the sights
Kept myself to myself

There I was
Sitting on the roof of the world
There I was
There I was
Not knowing how I got there
Or how to leave

Everyone says
I was lucky to have got there
As not many can
But truth be told
I was saved
By the love
Of a good man
Who came and got me
And bought me down
From on Up there

Id be lying if I didnt say
I missed it now and then
But I have no wish to go back there

There I was
Sitting on the roof of the world
There I was
With all the gods
Not knowing how I got there
Or how to leave

People say
Whats so special about being back here
With everyone so close
But thats the point
I dont want to be different
I just want to fit in


This is a good example for real life


First you’ve got it all … together
Then the first steps out
Others will go
Keep trying to hold everything … together
“Life is a balance of holding on and letting go”
But in the end, you must keep the balance to hold on … on your own
You’ve to deal with what you’ve lost
If not … the balance will be gone
“You must take life the way it comes at you and make the best of it”
Keep the balance … the one not in balance will be lost
Building a new life within the limits of my health

 The key to keeping your balance is knowing when you've lost it

And this will be the
toughest struggle in life
Knowing when you’ve lost it
and get on your feet again